On Saturday, October 6, 2019, PTI Argentina held the first celebration of World ITP Day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Months of hard work with almost no funding proved a big success as people turned out to show their support and listen to the voices of ITP!

After a group walk along Buenos Aires main Avenue, handing out brochures in the street, the group shared a friendly afternoon tea with a well-known hematologist who answered questions about ITP. At the end of the day everyone left with a big smile (and a full stomach), fewer doubts about ITP and a "Mission Accomplished" feeling that will motivate them to continue advocating for and supporting ITP patients.

During Global ITP Awareness Week, for the first time ever, three radio shows were interested in hearing about ITP and invited the group to talk about it LIVE. PTI Argentina’s Support Ambassador, Rubén De Francesco was also interviewed by a local journalist and the story ran in many newspapers all over Argentina!

The group’s year-long efforts produced wonderful results and PTI Argentina’s Support Ambassador and Buenos Aires World ITP Day organizer, Rubén De Francesco extended his thanks to the Platelet Disorder Support Association exclaiming, “You’ve been my inspiration!”